Monitoring of Chlorine- Gotas de Sangre/CopánMonitoreo de Cloro -Gotas de Sangre/Copán

On January 10, ADEC visited the water system in the community Gotas de Sangre , donated by Rotary Club of Gastonia, D-7680, North Carolina, for monitoring of chlorine in the water system.Tthe test was done in the home of Mrs. Angélica López and found 2.6 ppm of chlorine, indicating that chlorination is being done correctly .

El 10 de enero, ADEC visitó el sistema de agua en la comunidad Gotas de… [More]

Piedras Coloradas Water Project / Copán

ADEC visited since 2011 the community of Piedras Coloradas, located at Santa Rita of Copán, the Lancaster Breakfast Rotary Club from South Caroline was built and support this water project, this project benefits around 210 peoples, the circuit rider is given to Water Board members training related with water sanitation, chlorination, operational, maintenance and administration of water… [More]

Proyecto El Granadillo-Nahuaterique/HondurasProyecto El Granadillo-Nahuaterique/Honduras

 Update El Granadillo -Nahuaterique

August 15th The water system is complete and operational First Day, June 25

As a first step, the water board and ADEC conducted an inspection with the contractor to verify what the improvements are to be made to the water system of El Granadillo, we visited the Water source, Conduction Line  and Tank.

 Actualización Proyecto “El Granadillo -Nahuaterique”[More]