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Wuiliam Aguilar, Circuit Rider for Guajiquiro/ La Paz,2014

Currently conducting evaluations of 41 water systems in the municipality of Guajiquiro (with a population of approximately 16,000 people).
Met with the Mayor and Council of Guajiquiro to present the ADEC program, where it was agreed to establish a role for ADEC office as a municipal counterpart.
Monitored the amount of chlorine in the water systems of El Bajillal, Linderos, San Juan and Guajiquiro Centro where tablet chlorinators are installed and found adequate levels of chlorine in the water (approximately  1,110 people are benefiting from the improved water quality.
Met with the Water Boards of the northern and southern zones of the Municipality of Guajiquiro.

Francisco Villela, Circuit Rider for Copan Ruins, 2014

Capacitacion AJAAM Santa Rita222 (2)Rincon del BueySan PedritoLlanetillos
He visited 62 water systems serving a population of 23,000 people in the municipalities of Cabanas, Copan and Santa Rita department of Copán.
Provided technical assistance to the Water Boards in the communities of El Bonete, Tierra Fría I, Rio Amarillo, Rastrojitos, La Leonita, Las Mesas and Los Ranchos.
He met with the community of Agua Caliente, to coordinate work on the project for a water system that the Rotary Club of Copán Ruinas, Rotary Foundation, District 6900, Metro and East Marietta-Cobb Rotary Clubs are building.

Willian Martinez, Circuit Rider for La Paz, 2014

Capacitacion Sobre cloracion en Barrio La Victoria Marcala Capacitacion y practica, sobre  los niveles de cloro que deberan Manejar siempre. (2)January, 2014 He visited 41 water systems serving a population of 32,930 in the municipalities of Marcala, Chinacla, San Jose and Yarula in the department of La Paz. He presented a report to the Vice- Mayor on the communities that are chlorinating their systems in the town of Chinacla as part of ADEC joint work being done with the municipality. Provided technical assistance to the Water Boards of the communities of La Chorrera, La Estanzuela, The Pastal, Florida, Arenales, Dulce Nombre de Jesús, La Laguna, Barrios San Andrés, La Victoria and San Francisco Marcala. He advised the operator to open the valve of chlorinator, as chlorine levels in the water were too low. He trained the Water Board and community members on the subject of chlorination and its importance to health. He collected water samples for bacteriological analysis at the water source in the community of Las Queseras.


February 2014