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ADEC – Yamaranguila Municipality / Department of Intibuca

January 2015 –  Participated in the meeting of the Municipality of Yamaranguila where the report of all activities undertaken by ADEC in 2014 was given.  An additional 12 water boards were trained on issues of chlorination, operation and maintenance.


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Yony Jesus Rodriguez Martinez, Circuit Rider for Yamaranguila/Intibuca,2014

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 16.22.52SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDSC02219DSC02218DSC02221 August 2014  Circuit Rider Yony Jesus continues to have success in expanding the program in Yamaranguila with 52 water boards serving 25,000 people now participating. 33 technical assistance programs and 26 training sessions have been held and eight tablet feed chlorinators have been installed. In addition a number of hipo-chlorination system have been placed back in operation and 600 pounds of chlorine have bee sold through the locally established chlorine bank.

January,2014 Met with 26 Water Boards central zone of Yamaranguila, also met with the Water Boards in the communities of El Obispo, El Tablón, Soledad y Los Mangos  to present the technical assistance program of ADEC. He is currently evaluating all 44 water systems in the municipality of Yamaranguila (with a population of approximately 18,000 people). Installed the first chlorinator in the community of El Obispo, benefiting approximately 632 people with improved water quality. He attended the first Open Town Hall of the municipality where ADEC has been authorized to work with the local Water Boards.  Also, Mayor José Lorenzo Bejarano has provided space for a local ADEC office, as ADEC is now formally a municipal partner.


Elias Mejia, Circuit Rider for La Paz,2014

reunion para presentar el clorador y programar fecha de instalacion del clorador en la comunidad de el ceron, cabañas (1)Monitoreode cloro en la comunidad de Chapulin, Cabañas

Reunion ára presentar las actividades en la comunidadad de El Bailadero, cabañas (1)

Monitoreo de cloro de la Comunidad de el Ceron, Cabañas (2)
He visited 42 water systems serving a population of 12,270 in the municipalities of Opatoro, Santa Ana, Santa Elena Cabin in the department of La Paz.
He help surveys topographic to perform water project in the communities of Fatima, El Cipres and Las Queseras with the technical team ADEC .
Provided technical assistance to the Water Boards of the communities of Miramar, La Laguna and Lajas in the following areas: will advise the manager to open the valve on the chlorinator more as the level of chlorine in water is very low.
In the community of Llano Alegre 1 Made repairs tablet chlorinator and trained plumber in chlorination.
He met with the Water Boards in the communities of El Cerrón and Bailadero to coordinate activities to be developed in 2014 with ADEC.