Category: Water Boards Training

Marcala, La Paz, Honduras.



Training the Water Boards in the communities of El Cerron, Mezcalito, orange Mugola and plans the subject of chlorination, as part of ADEC provides technical assistance to communities for water treatment and system sustainability.

Payment is the chlorine in the water and found 0.4 ppm / l of free chlorine in the last house on the system.

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Categories: Water Boards Training

Zacate Blanco/ Yarula, Honduras

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Were trained the water boards of communities from Los Puentes and Zacate Blanco in municipality of Yarula department of La Paz , about operation and maintenance of water systems and also was installed a tablets chlorinator for water treatment, as part of the ADEC technical assistance provides for sustainable water projects in communities.

El Mezcalito-Marcala/La Paz- Honduras.

P110612_10.31 P110612_11.34 monitoreo de cloro Training was provided to the Board of Water from the community of El Mezcalito in Marcala, participants were happy and satisfied with ADEC for the knowledge they learned in the field of water treatment with chlorine, also was monitored the level of chlorine and found in the system 0.3 ppm / l of chlorine Project The Mezcalito¬† / Rotary Club of St. Mary’s County District 7620 (Leonardtown) MG # 62546.