ADEC -Santa Elena/La PazADEC -Santa Elena/La Paz

On May 5, ADEC in collaboration with FAO and MAMLESIP, trained 16 water boards in the municipality of Santa Elena, Department of La Paz, in the areas of Rational Use of Water and development of tariff for water service .


El pasado 05 de Mayo, ADEC en colaboración con la MAMLESIP y FAO, capacitó a 16 Juntas de Agua del municipio de Santa Elena, departamento de La Paz, en los temas de Uso Racional… [More]

[:en]Yony Jesus Rodriguez Martinez, Circuit Rider for Yamaranguila/Intibuca,2014[:es]Yony Jesus Rodriguez Martinez, Circuit Rider de Yamaranguila/Intibuca,2014[:]

[:en] August 2014  Circuit Rider Yony Jesus continues to have success in expanding the program in Yamaranguila with 52 water boards serving 25,000 people now participating. 33 technical assistance programs and 26 training sessions have been held and eight tablet feed chlorinators have been installed. In addition a number of hipo-chlorination system have been placed back in operation and… [More]

Santa Cruz Water Board TrainingCapacitación Junta de Agua Santa Cruz-San Manuel Colohete

On February 5, Francisco Villela of ADEC, Scott Kelly and Patrick Davis of Professional Training Team (VTT) of Global Grant # 25815, sponsored by: Rotary Foundation (TRF), District 6970, the Rotary Club of South Jacksonville (D-6970), Fort Mill Rotary Club (D-7750) and the Rotary Club of Copán Ruinas (D-4250), gave a training for the Water Board of the community of Santa Cruz / San Manuel … [More]