Update of Monitoring of Chlorine-La Vegona/Copán RuinasActualizaciones de Monitoreos de Cloro-La Vegona/Copán Ruinas

First update of monitoring of chlorine level in the Rotary Water Project / La Vegona / Copan Ruinas Since its inaguration ADEC through the Cicuit Rider monitoring every month the chlorine levels in the Rotary water project in the community of La Vegona , the results below: February 18 th…… 2.3 ppm March 5 th……… 1.0 ppm April 11th …………..… [More]

Hernán Amaya, Circuit Rider from Gracias/LempiraHernán Amaya, técnico de Gracias/Lempira

May, 2013

– Two tablets chlorinators were installed in the communities of Poza Verde and Guanajulque, department of Lempira.

– A water meeting was held with the waters s of municipality of La Campa, department of Lempira to present the ADEC program

-ADEC provided training on Drinking Water Legislation and Administration of systems in the communities of Santa Cruz and Carrizal,… [More]

Monitoring of ceramic filters in Fátima/MarcalaMonitoreo de los filtros de cerámicas en Fátima/Marcala


Oneida Lara from ADEC, Sammy Declercq from the university college ‘Arteveldehogeschool’ and Sandra Lorena, healthcare volunteer, visited 15 families in the comunity of Fátima/Marcala to monitor the ceramic filters. They realized 15 quick tests on the absence/presence of fecal coliforms. 13 tests were negative, 2 of them positive. Oneida Lara also explained … [More]