ADEC -Santa Elena/La PazADEC -Santa Elena/La Paz

On May 5, ADEC in collaboration with FAO and MAMLESIP, trained 16 water boards in the municipality of Santa Elena, Department of La Paz, in the areas of Rational Use of Water and development of tariff for water service .


El pasado 05 de Mayo, ADEC en colaboración con la MAMLESIP y FAO, capacitó a 16 Juntas de Agua del municipio de Santa Elena, departamento de La Paz, en los temas de Uso Racional… [More]

ADEC-Yarula/La PazADEC-Yarula /La Paz

On April 22, with the support of the Municipality and PROMOSAN-FAO was donated 14 tablet chlorinators, 17 buckets of chlorine tablets and 14 chlorine testers , seventeen Water Boards of Yarula were benefited , ADEC will install the chlorinators and will train the Water Boards for their proper use.

El pasado 22 de Abril ,gracias al apoyo de la Coorporación Municipal y PROMOSAN-FAO se hizo entrega… [More]

ADEC – Municipality of Guajiquiro and Yarula – Department of La PazADEC –Municipio de Guajiquiro y Yarula – Departamento de La Paz

February 2015

Performed a tour with 8 water boards that are north of the Guajiquiro  municipality that have pumping systems.  They visited the water project in the community of Tierra Colorada and Sabanetas, in the town of Yarula, which also has a successful pumping system that’s metered. They have since had less waste water, reduced energy consumption, longer lifetime of the pump, lower… [More]