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Installation of Tablets Chlorinator-Sisiguara/Marcala-La Paz

On October 5 ADEC was installed a Tablets Chlorinator in the community Sisiguara in the municipality Marcala, the water board was doing chlorination with granulated chlorine, for the plumber was very difficult to handle and that chlorination was deficient, after the training in the use of the Tablets Chlorinator the water board and plumber said that the chlorination will be more easy, safe and permanent,protecting the health of approximately 200 people.

Global Handwashing Day

On October 15, was celebrated Handwashing World, in the school of community of El Pastal / Marcala, where 75 children were trained in proper hand washing also gave them a grooming kit , teachers and parents welcomed the support of ADEC maintain health in children through training in good hygiene.

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Tablet Chlorinator Installation-Planes de Las Moras/Comayagua-Honduras

On September 19, ADEC installed a chlorinator of tablets in the community of Planes de Las Moras in the department of Comayagua, in the context of working agreement with the organization Amigos of Honduras, were trained Water Board and beneficiaries in the use of Chlorinator of tablets and how to monitor the amount of chlorine in your water system, the beneficiaries said they were very happy, because chlorination is now easier, safer and cheaper.