Vail Rotary Club ProjectProyecto Vail Rotary Club

March 30,2016

ADEC beginning to install 10 chlorinators Tablets in the municipality of Yamaranguila, department of Intibuca.

January 27,2016

Vail Rotary Club and ADEC are conducting a project that involves the installation of 30 chlorinators tablet in the departments of La Paz, Intibuca and Lempira, bacteriological tests and training to the Water Boards and communities for matters of disinfection… [More]

[:en]Update Circuit Rider Elias Mejia From La Paz[:es]Actualizacion del trabajo del Circuit Rider Elias Mejia en el departamento de La Paz[:]

[:en]Currently, Circuit Rider, Elías Mejía, is offering technician support to 60 water systems distributed all around the municipalities of Santa Elena, Yarula, Opatoro, Santa Ana and Cabañas, with a population of approximately 20,000 people.

From January to May, 273 visits have been made to the systems to check on the water so that it is handled in a safe, trustworthy and disinfected way.… [More]

Joint Work Between The Virginia Hospital Medical Center Brigade (VHCMB) and ADECTrabajo Conjunto entre The Virginia Hospital Medical Center Brigade (VHCMB) y ADEC

In  January, ADEC has monitored the amount of chlorine in  12 water systems built by VHCMB in Comayagua, Honduras  , tablet chlorinators they were reinstalled for correct operation in communities Pacayal and Buenas Noches.



En  Enero, ADEC ha monitoreado la cantidad de cloro en los 12 sistemas de agua construidos por VHCMB en Comayagua/ Honduras , se reinstalaron los … [More]