Training Laboratory Analysis for Drinking WaterCapacitación en Análisis de Laboratorio para Agua Potable

On 4 and 7 February, Vocational Training Team (VTT) of the Global Grant # 25815 sponsored by: Rotary Foundation (TRF),D-6970, Rotary Club of South Jacksonville (D-6970), Fort Mill Rotary Club (D-7750) and the Rotary Club of Copan Ruins (D-4250), Mr. Richard Walker gave training to technical of ADEC in communities of Gracias and Marcala respectively about laboratory analysis that are… [More]

Water Treatment Plant Marcala ,La Paz

The Marcala water treatment plant construction was initiated as a joint project of ADEC and the municipality of Marcala in 2007 and place in operation in May 2008. The design of the plant was assisted by the University of Cornell’s AguaClara program. Financing of the project was provided through the National rural Water Association and the Municipality of Marcala. The  original… [More]