Technical Assistance-Lajitas-Cabañas/La PazAsistencia Técnica-Lajitas-Cabañas/La Paz

On February 13, 40 families in the community of Lajitas in municipality of Cabañas, Department of La Paz, were benefited from the technical assistance provided by ADEC, the plumber had problems with the valves in the pressure box , Elías Circuit Rider of ADEC teached to plumber, how repair the valves, now, the pressure box are functioning properly, Elías will be visiting the community once… [More]

Meeting with Municipal Water Board -Cabañas-CopánReunión AJAAM del Municipio de Cabañas-Copán

On January 20, Mario Lemus of ADEC, was present at the meeting of Municipal Water Boards (AJAAM) of municipality of Cabañas, Department of Copán. This association  of 25 water boards met to restructure and improve their service. Also present were: committee of municipal water and sanitation (CASM), representative of the municipality of Cabañas and health technician from Rio Negro/Cabañas.… [More]

Combined System to Purify Water-El Pacayal/ChinaclaSistema Combinado para Purificar Agua-El Pacayal/Chinacla

On February 12, Oneida Lara and Willian Martinez of ADEC installed a combined system to purify water in the school of community in El Pacayal , municipality of Chinacla. This will benefit 45 children. Also they provided training to children and teachers in the proper use of this system. ADEC technicians will visit the school each month to monitor the system and provide additional training… [More]