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Technical assistance in the Mezcalito tank.


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Hermosa vista de Honduras // Amazing Honduran View

Vista desde el tanque de corral de piedra

View from the Stone corral tank


World Water Day Celebration

For four consecutive years ADEC has celebrated World Water Day to draw attention to the importance of water and its sustainable management, and this year no could be an exception, more than 150 young and children demonstrated their commitment to care for this resource that is having problems  by climate change.

To consecrate this day, the students of the Institute / School Peniel and ADEC did  a walk to the Water Treatment Plant of  Marcala from  Department of La Paz,  where they learned the procedure that gives water to make it  potable. The students are also made presentations related to the preservation of water resources and environmental protection as well as the implementation of the recommendations to  achieve these objectives.

ADEC gave an exhibition with his mobile laboratory, where which showed to students  through microscopes the  water pollution, also procedures to detect bacterial contamination and water physicochemical , ADEC technicians imparted  talks about : Use rational water, forms of water pollution and chlorination as a method to make the water safe to drink.

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