Category: Installation of Chlorinator Tablets

Installing Chlorinator of Tablets-San Sebastián / Lempira

On January 31, Hernán Martínez of ADEC installed a chlorinator of tablets in the urban area of the municipality of San Sebastián, department of Lempira , there are 373 houses with approximately 1800 people, the Municipal Water Board and the Health Promotors participated actively in the installation, they are happy because now they are sure to drinking quality water and water diseases will decrease.

Las Crucitas-Santa María/La Paz

On January 14, Elias and Willian ADEC circuit riders installed a tablet feed chlorinator in the community of Las Crucitas in the municipality of Santa Maria in the department of La Paz.  Previousily the Water Board had conducted bacteriological water analysis which indicated contamination. With the tablet chlorination system, the 60 families who live there can be certain that the drinking water is safe.

Installing Tablets Chlorinators-Comayagua/Honduras

As part of the agreement between ADEC and Amigos of Honduras were installed chlorinators in four communities: Palo Blanco, Las Mesas , Canada and Sinai in the department of Comayagua, this is to benefit about 600 people, which will now have water quality because  chlorination will be permanent because this chlorination system is easy, safe and economical.