ADEC – Yamaranguila Municipality / Department of IntibucaADEC – Municipio de Yamaranguila / Departmento de Intibuca

January 2015 –  Participated in the meeting of the Municipality of Yamaranguila where the report of all activities undertaken by ADEC in 2014 was given.  An additional 12 water boards were trained on issues of chlorination, operation and maintenance.


Enero 2015-Se participó en la reunión del Municipio de Yamaranguila donde se dio el informe de todas las actividades realizadas… [More]

Progress Water Project El Cipres -La Paz / Rotary Global Grant GG1415095Progreso Proyecto de Agua El Cipres-La Paz /Rotary Global Grant GG1415095

On January 21, we visited the community again to see the progress made towards construction. A main storage tank has been completed and is nearly ready for water. Many lines have been installed and they are currently working on a suspended river crossing. The community is very excited for the completion of the project by the end of February.


On December 3, all the necessary materials to build the… [More]

A Little Goes a Long Way— Safe Drinking Water in Six Weeks / Opatoro-La PazUn Poquito Vale Mucho – Agua Segura en Seis Semanas—Carrizal 2/ Opatoro-La Paz

Communities in Honduras often are without safe drinking water only for lack of direction and a bit of funding.  This was the case with El Carrizal 2, a community in north Opatoro, La Paz that has 20 houses, a school, and a population of approximately 150 people. Elías, the ADEC Circuit Rider for that area, was concerned that when their monitoring was not finding chlorine water, so he met with the… [More]