School Gardens- La Paz

School gardens are implemented in order to improve school meals, this time 3 schools:  Aguanqueterique/Santa Elena, Lajas/Santa Ana  y Sisigura/Marcala  in the department of La Paz, were favored with radish seeds, cucumber, beans, beets, carrots, which were it planted with the help of parents, teachers and children. Approximately 220 children will benefit.… [More]

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ADEC-Cabañas y Marcala/La Paz

On August 20, were trained 15 Water Boards of the municipalities of Marcala: Mogola 1, Mogola 2, Morazán, Florida Centro, Fátima, Planes del Naranjo, Chiflador, Mezcalito, Cerro verde y El Cerrón , Cabañas: Las Marías And Santa Ana: San Miguelito, on the subject of water quality,bacteriological analysis and forms of water pollution.… [More]

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ADEC-Marcala/La Paz

On July 24, was held in Marcala the first municipal Governance Forum in Water Resources Management, ADEC was invited to participate and spoke on Water Quality for Human Consumption, also as a contribution to the Council of Micro Basin ADEC made bacteriological analysis to the Water Boards of: Las Marias, San Miguel, El Chiflador, Mezcalito, El Naranjo, El Cerrón, Morazan, Valle de Palomas … [More]

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