ADEC Intibuca


ADEC performs diagnostics on water systems in communities Monquecagua, Manzapa, Belen Manzapa, Las Mercedes, Los Encinos and Rinconada, in the town of Intibuc√°, in order know the physical state of the system and the organization of the Boards of water.… [More]

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ADEC Tutule/La Paz

ADEC installed a Tablets Chlorinator in a water system that supplies communities Granadillo, Laguna Seca and Huertas in municipality of Tutule in the department of La Paz.… [More]

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ADEC San Juan/Intibuca

ADEC made analyzes Bacteriological, physical and chemical in the water system of the municipality of San Juan Centro that caters to six neighborhoods, in order to determine the degree of water pollution.… [More]

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