Diana Lizeth Cálix Rubio

Diana has served as Director of Water and Community Development (ADEC) since 2008 and oversees all aspects of the organization. Diana started working with International Rural Water Association (IRWA) in early 2007  in the construction and supervision of the Water Treatment Plant for Marcala, La Paz, Honduras. She is a founding member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Marcala, and has supervised and executed over 15 projects in water and basic sanitation in rural areas of the department of La Paz in  partnership with various U.S.A. Rotary clubs. Prior to joining ADEC, she served as Chief of Public Works of the Municipality of the city of Marcala from 2004 to 2006.

Elías Enrique Mejía Orellana

Elías is a Circuit Rider who gives ongoing technical assistance to 65 communities in Santa Elena, Yarula, Santa Ana, Opatoro, Cabañas  municipalities in the department of La Paz, Marcala, Honduras. He visits these communities at least once a month to ensure continued water quality in these systems. He also provides training to the Water Boards in management, operation, maintenance, plumbing, and chlorination. His work benefits to around 32,500 people.

William Nahúm Martínez Márquez

William is a Supervisor of the Circuit Rider Program who provides ongoing technical assistance to 60 communities in Marcala, Chinacla, San José and  Yarula municipalities in the department of La Paz, Marcala, Honduras.Her work benefits more than 28,000 people. William trains Water Boards on issues related to the administration, operation, maintenance and chlorination of water systems in communities to ensure access to potable water.

Oneida Carolina Lara

Oneida works as a technician in Health and Hygiene. She provides technical assistance to 18 communities with Combined Systems to Purify Water and 14 communities with Ceramic Filters, in  5 municipalities in the department of La Paz, provides training on good hygiene and health in schools and homes. Her work benefits more than 6,000 people. Oneida also works as a technician in the ADEC laboratory doing bacteriological, physical, and chemical analysis as part of a monitoring program for potable water quality in the communities where ADEC works.

José Israel Elvir Márquez

Israel works as the administration and accounting staff member of ADEC, and is responsible for maintaining the Chlorine bank stocks in the municipalities of Copán Ruinas and Marcala. He supplies of  chlorine, reagents and test kits to Water Boards who are required to keep and monitor water quality in their systems.


Advisers are not employees of ADEC but are individuals who provide guidance and technical assistance to the program.

Fred Stottlemyer

Fred is the volunteer Program Manager for the International Rural Water Association (IRWA). Fred began his involvement with IRWA in 1995 and has been an adviser to ADEC since its creation in 2006. He has committed significant time to developing the program as a grass roots program of instruction and technical assistance to rural communities through in-country groups dedicated to improving the quality, quantity and safety of drinking water. Fred has made Marcala, La Paz his second home and supports ADEC during his many trips to Honduras.