On January 21, we visited the community again to see the progress made towards construction. A main storage tank has been completed and is nearly ready for water. Many lines have been installed and they are currently working on a suspended river crossing. The community is very excited for the completion of the project by the end of February.

IMG_20150121_125130IMG_20150121_132810 IMG_20150121_130848SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

On December 3, all the necessary materials to build the water system (pipes, cement, bricks, etc.)were carried to community , the trench of conductión and distribution line has begun, tank is built by 50%.



On November 10, the Marcala Rotary Club and El Ciprés signed the agreement for execution of water project El Ciprés, where the entire community pledged to work to build their water system.
Besides meeting with the mayor of the municipality of Opatoro, the mayor agreed that the municipality will provide the sand and gravel. They already have the quotes for the materials and those will be purchased by the end of this week.