Third Update
At April 3, 2014, the project is completed in 90%, source, sand remover, conductión line for new tank in high zone , aerial crossings, new tank, distribution line to low and high zone are completed,missing only installation of conduction line of new source for the tank of the lower area of the community of Agua Caliente that supplies water about 280 families.













Second Update

At January 28, 2014, the community has built about 90% of the storage tank .The conduction line from of the source to the new tank is done, only need to build the aerial crosses, the dam is built on 80%, in this date has started building the sand trap, and the distribution line in the low zone has built about 80%.





First Update
Wednesday, November 13th
Pipes were delivered to begin the project of Agua Caliente/Copán Ruinas.

Project Proposal

Agua Caliente is a community of 2000 persons located near Copan Ruins. The community has grown over the years and does not have sufficient water to serve its existing population and 100 families are not connected to the system. The proposed project to connect to a new and more reliable water source is proposed as a joint Rotary project through the  Rotary Foundation, District 6900, Marietta-Metro and  East Cobb Rotary Clubs, have joined to gather to sponsor this project along with the Copan Ruinas Rotary Club. ADEC will provide technical assistance to the community to assure that the project is properly constructed and sustained.