(untitled) Capacitacion a las juntas de agua del Pelon, Santa Rosita, Llano De SantonioMonitored the level of chlorine in the water systems of the communities of Mezcalito, Planes, Planes Naranjo, Mogola, Sisiguara, Llano Orcon Musula and found proper levels in all systems.  Visited the community of Llano de San Antonio to repair the problem in the tablets chlorinator .Also was disinfected the system with chlorine and provided the community with 10 chlorine tablets so that  water board can maintain the proper chlorine level in the system so that it can assure the water is safe for human consumption.  ADEC was Training  water boards of communities of Santa Rosita, Llano de San Antonio and La Chorrera on  of rate calculation in coordination with the Red Cross of Marcala. Members of these communities were happy because they learned how to calculate the correct rate to be paid by each subscriber of their system to assure adequate funds are avaliable to sustain the operations.