A WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM AT HOME HELPS IMPROVE HEALTH CONDITIONS Marcala is a municipality that has high rates of malnutrition caused by different factors one of which is not having access to safe drinking water. Accordingly the Marcala Red Cross, which develops the strategy Care of Children in the Community (AIN-C) reports the following results: *Inadequate Growth: Overall, based on the first quarter of 2010, progress was only 16%. *Persistent Inadequate Growth: At the end of the year 2011 remains at 12%, this value is    equal to December 2010. It is noteworthy that the first half of 2011 had increased to 19%. *Below the third percentile: At the end of 2011 this indicator shows 20%, down 7% compared to data from Baseline Study. When families do not have safe water, children do not reach their expected weight making it urgent to implement a household water treatment program to contribute to decreased gastrointestinal infections transmitted by water. Complemented by training on good hygiene practices at home, promotion of proper nutrition, the goal is that 13% of the children evaluated after implementation of the project will show an improvement in their growth and weight. To project will conduct a pilot plan in the community of Sisiguara, Marcala, La Paz, with the voluntary assistance of the following organizations: ADEC: Water and Community Development IRWA: International Association of Rural Water CRC: Canadian Red Cross CRH: Honduran Red Cross And you, with your $ 40.00 sponsorship supports a family by providing a ceramic filter-home treatment unit to assure safe drinking water is available for the family and particularly the at risk children. To can make your donation by going to the HELP OUT page .