• Circuit Riders

    The circuit rider program of ADEC is revolutionizing the effectiveness of development in the areas they serve. By providing a support system that extends beyond the completion of a project, ADEC ensures that their communities continue to chlorinate their water and use their new sanitation facilities correctly and with success.
  • Project Execution

    ADEC has been monitoring more than 10 water systems conducted by the Rotary Club in counterpart Marcala U.S. Rotary clubs
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  • Basic Sanitation

    We believe that basic sanitation (latrines, drains) are an important aspect of improving overall water conditions within a community. The only way to lower the incidence of gastrointestinal illness while improving the quality of life for people in rural communities is to ensure members have access to these basic sanitation items.
  • Health & Hygiene

    ADEC aims to improve medium-term ill health habits of community members through simple practices, such as proper hand washing and waste removal. ADEC also creats support groups to help monitor and evaluate the progress of each community.

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Agua y Desarrollo Comunitario

Agua y Desarrollo Comunitario (ADEC) is a nongovernmental, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization established in the municipality of Marcala, La Paz. ADEC provides technical expertise in water, sanitation, health and hygiene to improve the quality of life for people in rural areas of Honduras.